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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter!

Zoey's Mom made these cute EB cupcakes for the Kinder-Kids.
I took them out to pick-up time and handed them to mommys.
It was a 1/2 day and I just couldn't see my kiddos eating cupcakes before lunch.

Earlier in the week we made Resurrection eggs in kinder so that we could go home and retell the Easter story to our families.

Mason's mom came to school on Friday morning and broke into tears. She was overwhelmed with JOY that her little boy could tell the Easter story with clarity and understanding.

I am filled with JOY, too, that I have the opportunity to share the Greatest Rescue Story of all time with my kinder kids. Jesus is very real to my kids. They get it. God loves His children and wants us to know Him and love Him. We need to tell others this Great News. He is ALIVE!


Thank you for peeking in! I hope your Easter Celebration is wonderful!


Saturday, March 19, 2016

It's The Little Things That Make Your Day!

Friday is "Cookie Day" in my kinder room, thanks to Zoey's mom.

Each week she treats us to a cutie cookie!

When she walks into my classroom with the big white box, I jump up to see what she has made for us!

This week we got bunnies. Pretty green and white with a bit of pink bunnies.

Don't you wish you were in kindergarten?


Oh, and look what Hubs did for me!

Whoopie - He built roll-outs for our kitchen island!


Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Little Bit of Happy!

I've been sewing a bit. I love all the little bits of color from the quilt fabrics I have collected. Isn't this house and border just soooooo cute!

Both of these pillows were made from patterns designed by Lori Holt. I just love this big chicken!

And, we had Science Fair last week. Kindergarten celebrated the Emperor Penguin!

The 8th grade class came over and helped us make this paper chain. One of our 8th grade boys is 6ft.4". he put it up without a ladder! Zoey's mom came in and helped put the lap books together. She made penguin cookies too. What a great mommy! See, Happy Feet is playing on the screen! So fun!

Have a wonderful week! Thank you for stopping by!