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Monday, July 29, 2013

Beach Babies!

Viv at Viv'S Whimsy inspired me with her adorable beachy theme! If you haven't seen her adorable cute beach displays swim on over. Way cute! And, then Laurie at Magpie Ethel has made the cutest under the sea mermaids in her classic Magpie style. These girls are just soooo creative!

So, I just had to put up a little beachy theme on my mantle. Just for fun! We live about 3 hours to the beach, but boy does it sound wonderful! Funny how I always feel like a child at the beach!

Where did you learn to swim? I learned to swim in the San Diego Bay.

My mother taught me, and my sister and brother to swim. In fact, my mother has taught many, many children to swim. And, she taught my husband to swim, too!

We grew up water bugs. We all love the water. We have always had a pool. Living in the desert, it is a must. We left our above ground pool in the desert at our rental, and since our grandchildren live in the house, they are having a great time in the over 90 degree water! Yep, the water is HOT!

Our son lives in Long Beach. He is learning to surf! Hang 10, Matt!

And me, well we have a big bathtub, and when I get to hot, I go play in the water for a while!

The blue fish are from the 50's. I just love them! They're meant to hang on the wall with the gold bubbles. Some of the shells are from Long Beach, others from yard sales. The toys belong to Ann Estelle. I made the paper craft.


Blessings to you and your family!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"I'll Just Back Up The Truck, Honey!"

This post was originally posted on my first blog on Since I am behind on posts, I thought I would repost it here. I love this story.


It's because of my husband's gracious nature that I have these precious dishes. Lots of blogging friends have them; maybe you do, too!


It all started when I was blogging and saw an adorable two-tiered red gingham rimmed tray on the cute Sweet Bee Cottage blog.

I squealed loudly, "OH MY GOSH - that is the cutest thing!" Hubs walked around my shoulder and said, "what is it?" When I told him to look at this adorable red gingham two-tiered tray, and that it was at Homegoods he said, "well get dressed and lets go get one!"


I was in my pajamas. It was 8:30. I go to sleep at 8:30 on school nights.

But, he insisted. Seriously. He insisted. He even called Homegoods to see what time they closed.


So, I got dressed and we went - and I felt silly - but, he said, "what if it is the last one and you miss out?"

Well, when we got to Homegoods and I saw ALL the dishes they had in this pattern - I screamed again, "THESE ARE THE CUTEST DISHES I HAVE EVER SEEN!"


Hubs replied, "I'll just go back up the truck to the door, Honey. You load up the cart!"

I couldn't believe my ears. He reminded me that it was our 35th wedding year - and I ought too have new dishes for the occasion. Well, how could I say no, girls? This meant a lot to him...wink, wink!


Needless to say, I have a lot of dishes - but, I love these the most. Hubs bought them for me - he got me out of my pj's and romantically whisked me away to my favorite store. Isn't that just the most romantic story you have heard today? :)


Stay tuned for more dishes stories - I have lots of dishes and lots of stories.



I'm joining Beverly for Pink Saturday!

It's Sweet Beverly's birthday!

So please pop over and wish her a happy day!


If you look closely there is a bit of pink on these dishes. Besides, red and white make pink, so without red, where would pink be? I love both colors!

Blessings to you and yours!

I hope you have fun with your family this week.


Sunday, July 14, 2013

If Only I Didn't Procrastinate!

This weekend is the "Where Bloggers Create" blog hop at Karen Valentine's wonderful blog, My Desert Cottage, and I did not sign up. I've visited wonderful studios this weekend!

I wanted to join in the "hop", but I was busy making my patriotic pillows and flag quilt. My craft room was a BIG mess, and I didn't want to stop sewing to clean it up. Then, there was the yard work hubs and I did. And, the trips to the desert and the beach to see our children and family. Well, I procrastinated....plain and simple.

So, now the world does not see my craft room, but my sweet blogging friends will. It means a lot to me that such sweet ladies visit me and keep me close to their hearts.

I have a door that goes out to a small deck. Next to it is a window. So lots of natural light enters in.
Lots of ribbon here, my Cuttlebug, and inside the colorful file drawers are Mary Engelbreit stickers, papers and calendars that I just cannot part with.
This little chair is a thrift store find, like 90 percent of my things. Our sweet Heather at Vintage Grey made the quilted piece. I love it over the chair back!
Yes, I collect Mary Engelbreit dolls.
I love the shabby white craft rooms I see in Blogland, but I am a RED person, so my craft room reflects my love for red and lots of color.
Yard sale finds.
My Cameo.
Lambys and little M.E. collectibles.
A sweet Ann Estelle from Sandy. I just love her. She was originally sold at Target.
My Cricut.
M.E. toys.
I made this picture years ago out of reproduction paper dolls.
My door and window. I hang cherry purses and totes here. I teach kindergarten, so I get lots of cherry things from my students and parents.
This collection of stuff goes back nearly 30 years.
These M.E. dolls have body of Betsy McCall.
Did you have a Betsy McCall doll when you were little?
I did. She is up here somewhere.

Dumbo ride!

I have the castle, too. It was my son's when he was a toddler.

Are we inspired yet?
The doorway at the curtain enters the master bedroom. This room is supposed to be a retreat or workout room. There is no door, so I have a lace curtain that I can tie back.

Just cuteness.

My little red toolbox that hubs gave me for Christmas one year.

He made this desk for me out of 4 book shelves and 2 hollowcore doors. I covered it with a piece of vintage vinyl gingham fabric.

Behind the lace curtain, I store baskets and loot!

Like some of you, I have too much stuff.

Some of this loot I've had for over 25 years.

Gosh, this doesn't even include my fabric!

The guest room closet is full of fabric!

Thank you for visiting me today!
Hugs, Patti


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