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Monday, July 29, 2013

Beach Babies!

Viv at Viv'S Whimsy inspired me with her adorable beachy theme! If you haven't seen her adorable cute beach displays swim on over. Way cute! And, then Laurie at Magpie Ethel has made the cutest under the sea mermaids in her classic Magpie style. These girls are just soooo creative!

So, I just had to put up a little beachy theme on my mantle. Just for fun! We live about 3 hours to the beach, but boy does it sound wonderful! Funny how I always feel like a child at the beach!

Where did you learn to swim? I learned to swim in the San Diego Bay.

My mother taught me, and my sister and brother to swim. In fact, my mother has taught many, many children to swim. And, she taught my husband to swim, too!

We grew up water bugs. We all love the water. We have always had a pool. Living in the desert, it is a must. We left our above ground pool in the desert at our rental, and since our grandchildren live in the house, they are having a great time in the over 90 degree water! Yep, the water is HOT!

Our son lives in Long Beach. He is learning to surf! Hang 10, Matt!

And me, well we have a big bathtub, and when I get to hot, I go play in the water for a while!

The blue fish are from the 50's. I just love them! They're meant to hang on the wall with the gold bubbles. Some of the shells are from Long Beach, others from yard sales. The toys belong to Ann Estelle. I made the paper craft.


Blessings to you and your family!



  1. I remember those fish in bathrooms in the 50's and 60's. I think everyone had them!

  2. Love your pair of fish. They are so sweet! After seeing everyone's pictures lately, I've been inspired to get the rest of our beach treasures out for my fireplace mantle. I want summer to last forever!

  3. Such a cute mantle. I love the blue fish. I learned to swim at our neighbors pool. When you could swim the length of the pool you got to go to Dairy Queen and get a Dilly Bar. It was a neighborhood tradition. When my kids learned to swim we went right to DQ for that Dilly Bar. Gotta keep it going!

  4. Wonderful beach decorations! The blue fish are adorable!

  5. Oh what "fun in the sun!!" :) Such cute decorations!! Have a lovely day! xo Holly

  6. Cute beach setting Patti.Lovely paper crafts! Sweet post about your swimming experience :).

  7. I love your beachy decorations :) Me and my older sister took swimming lessons at the Y. I learned how to 'ride the waves' up in Cape Cod...if the water temp hit 60 it was considered warm! As a kid you hardly noticed ;P
    Smiles, DianeM

  8. Those fish bring back memories!

    My younger cousins taught me how to swim in Lake Washington in Seattle! The first thing I learned is how to tread water in water over my head! ♥

  9. Hi Patti, Your mantel is delightful. I love the kissing fish and your greeting card is lovely. Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your sweet comment. Here's the answer to your questions about my aprons: I enjoy making my aprons from, skirts, dresses, blue jeans, pillow cases, bedspreads, curtains, etc. The fun is taking something out dated or tired out and giving it new life :)
    I am now your newest follower and I would be honored to have you return and follow me back. I love making new blogging friends and sharing ideas.
    Have a marvelous week.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  10. Patti, I LOVE your beachy display! Everything is so cute, makes me want to go grab my tube & beach towel. :) Pam

  11. I'm having so much fun seeing all of your fun creations and pretty decorating! I love everything beachy!!!

  12. Such a sweet beachy mantel and love those cute fish!! And, you card is so pretty!! Have a lovely and crafty week! xo Heather

  13. Love the card - so vibrant and perfect for the mantel that you have it displayed on!


  14. I love your fish! I have always wanted the vintage mermaids but after seeing your fish I am going to have to keep my eyes open for some. I love your mantel. It is so summery. I have put most of my beach/summer stuff away now and have moved on to school theme. You make me wish that I had kept it out a little longer. Thanks for the inspiration! Have a wonderful night, Holly


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