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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Little Pots of Paint

I am forgetful when it comes to blogging. I get so excited about my project I forget to take a "before" picture.

But, anyhoo, I have been having fun painting several pieces of do-dad wood things.

My inspiration began when I found these little pots of paint at the Ace Hardware for $1 each. Look at the cute names of the paints! Cowgirl. Peppermint Pony. Bird's Eye Maple. But, my favorite is Chicken Broth!

I had this set of very petite trays and had fun painting each one a different color.

Wanna come over for a little tea party? I'd love to have you!

Can you just see a milk glass luncheon set and tiny napkin!

Have a wonderful week!


Blessings to you and to yours!



  1. What fun! I'll gladly come over for tea. Those paint colors are splendid. I'm equally terrible at remembering to take "before" pictures too.

  2. Each and every picture is very cute Patti. You had asked about my quilled snowflakes,yes they can be used as ornaments :)

  3. How cute! I love the colors and the tiny paints.


  4. What cute little trays! I wonder if my ace has those paint pots? ♥

  5. Now where on earth did you find little trays like that? Oh my gosh, so darn cute! I am drooling over your little stove too. I picked up three of those paints at Ace when they were half price. Think I'd better go get more if they're down to $1. Love the colors and the names!

  6. Very sweet little trays! The sample size paints are great for projects.

  7. Those are lovely!!! And they are too cute, especially to pass up from those names too! :) Your trays are so sweet! Wishing you a wonderful new week! Happy painting!! xo Holly

  8. These trays are very sweet, I love that they are different colors. Peppermint Pony...I always wonder how they arrive at the catchy paint names. I will have to trot off to my local Ace and check it out. I have enjoyed the free jars of paint from Lowe's. It's fun to look forward to some new projects.
    Have a fun week!

  9. Oh, those trays are so sweet! Looks like you have been having fun! xo Heather

  10. Too cute....very sweet :-)


  11. Sooo cute. You did a great job. I am just in love the little stove and hutch, they are so stinkin cute.

  12. I love the pastel colors you used! Yes, I can see those set with milk glass. How fun to have such a wonderful selection of paints!

  13. So cute Patti! Now I'll have to stop in my Ace Hardware too. Such sweet little trays, fun!

  14. This is such a wonderful idea!! I have a set of the common oak TV tray stands, but I never liked the wood color - I am definitely going to paint them after seeing how lovely yours look. Thank you for sharing .


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