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Sunday, February 23, 2014

I'm Lookin' Over A Four Leaf Clover

Grandmother's green eyelet lace. A little clothespin doll.

Bits and bobs, glitter and shine.

Spooled lace and Pearls on a string. It's a nice way to gather memories and tuck them into tiny spaces.

Hydrangeas gathered from Mother's yard.

I'm enjoying the green in the house, and wishing there were more of it outside. But, the farmers are plowing the fields across the way and have filled the irrigation pond, readying for the big planting. I wonder if it will be spinach again.

More to come.....



  1. I'm loving all your green! It's been fun sorting through my crafting supplies in the hunt for St. Patty's day ideas.

  2. So pretty Patti! Love all your decor, especially the sweet tray with the lace and sweet bits and bobs. Is that Belleek I spy? Beautiful!

  3. Love your bits of green! The shamrock garland is really cute.



  4. I never really decorate for St Pats, but I'm loving your touches of green! My niece is getting married St Pats weekend - shoot be a blast!


  5. I'm loving the green...I think I'm ready to bring out my own bits and bobs!

  6. Beautiful greens! Love your wooden cabinet, too! Have a lovely week!! xo Heather

  7. Beautiful bits and bobs and memories. I love that doll!!

  8. So pretty!! I love your sweet green decorations!! Love all your small treasures tucked inside!! Such a neat cabinet too!! :) Hope you have a lovely day!! xo Holly


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