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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Spooky Craftroom!

My husband does not like Halloween. I know. I can hear some of you groaning. But, since he is so nice to me all year about all my decorating and DIY projects, I don't complain. I just do Fall, and then we are both happy.

This year I joined Sandy and Deb's Halloween Swap and I actually explored my Spooky Side! My partner was Linda from LBD Sews.

I had a great time making and finding spooky items for Linda, because I knew she loved Halloween!

I made this tag and found these vintage items.

I turned the cookie cutter right side up and made a 3D ornament.

The underside says, "boo"!

I wrapped everything up in this cute Halloween box!

And, off it went to Linda's house!

Too much fun!

Thank you Sandy and Deb, for hosting!



  1. Darling cutter!!! You are thinking outside the cutter!!! LOL! It's all perfect for the swap and thanks for joining in the fun.

  2. So very cute!! What a great idea with the cutter and so different! :) The box you found is so adorable too! Love everything you sent! I'm sure Linda did too!! :) Have a great day! xo Holly

  3. I like your cookie cutter!
    I did a swap and used my vintage cookie cutter as a stand for the handmade ornament ;)
    Looked like a picture frame!
    Great job!!!!

  4. cute! Theres a woman at work who really doesnt like halloween, some people just dont. Im glad my husband doesnt care one way or another or Id be in big trouble! LOL!
    I do wish I had joined that swap!
    happy day!

  5. Oh sweet Patti! You put together a great package for Linda. Love your creative cutter and tag, and all the sweet goodies you included. Even the box is too cute. A fun swap for sure!

  6. CUTE! I love seeing how everyone interrupts the cookie cutter ornament! As always Patti...perfect!

  7. Patti your swap looks great! Looks like it was very fun! Guess what? I signed up for the new swap over at Erica's for Christmas, and we are partners! I can't wait to start!


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