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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Winter Rememberings

My dad is in the winter of his life.

My parents drove up today to drop off a very old wheelbarrow my dad gave to me. It is so old and rusty. I don't know if it can hold any soil!

My Dear Daddy has Parkinson's. His memory is fading. His body is slowing down.

This man who whisked my mother off her feet, and loved his family completely, is slowing down. Too much.

It is scary. I don't want to see this. He told me today that he doesn't remember the drive to our house anymore.

Old Blue. My dad's first work truck. He restored it a few years ago. My sweet parents. And, the old barn at the house I grew up in.

I Love you, Mom and Dad.



  1. How blessed we are to have great parents but it's so hard when they start to make changes we thought would never come. All we can do is love them, cherish them and remember the things they tell us as they are living family historians. I just have my Mom now (she's almost 85) and I feel blessed every day. Maggie

  2. I'm wiping away tears. Such beautiful parents. Enjoy and cherish every minute. Hugs!!

  3. Sending Hugs! My Dad had Parkinson's with Lewy Body dementia and left us way too soon. I am blessed to still have my Mom here. Enjoy every moment with your parents.

  4. Oh Patti, I am so sorry. My heart aches for you and your parents.It is so hard to see parents getting older, forgetting things, constant aches and pains but to add a debilitating disease on top of that is just heart wrenching. You and your parents will be in my daily thoughts and prayers. I, like everyone else, am sending virtual hugs to you.

  5. Love the bluebird sign!! Sorry about your dad!
    Take care.

  6. Hello, I just enjoyed hearing you talk so sweetly about your Daddy! Why we grow older and find things harder to do and remember makes it sad for so many Youth is so taken for granted!! It makes taking joy in the everyday and simple things to become more special!
    Yours, Roxy

  7. Sending a hug for you and a prayer for your dad, God's timing and plan for our life is perfect and He holds every minute of it in His hands.



  8. *sniffle*.... I can tell by the photos of your parents that they are very loving people.... it comes across in their smiles. How very blessed you are to have been raised in love :-) some of us were not so lucky.... oh well... that is why chocolate was invented *wink*
    big hugs,

  9. Patti, it is so difficult to see our loved ones going what we call, 'down hill'. I saw how hard it was for my dear hubby to watch his mother rapidly change after having dementia. Thank goodness we have our sweet memories of what they were like before. All we can do is love them and be there for them! I love your sweet kitchen. I'm sure your parents felt the love there!

  10. So hard to watch beloved parents or other loved ones go into the twilight years/months, I know - from experience! Hold on to your good memories and cherish each moment you still have with them.

  11. So sorry to hear about your dad, they look like lovely and wonderful parents. Remember all the good memories and cherish the new ones. {HUGS} Love the picture of them on the truck with the beautiful barn behind them. Sweet decorations around your home, I love the old window on your mantel. xo Holly

  12. precious memories! sorry about your dad patti.. Its so hard to watch people we love get older. on a happier note though.. love how cute your house is!

  13. I'm so sorry about your precious Daddy. I know that no matter what happens to his ability to remember, the love that you guys share will never end. May God bless you!!!!!

  14. Bless your heart! My heart feels the pang when you talk about your daddy. Treasure your parents while you can, and God bless you!


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