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Monday, August 11, 2014

My Daughter Has Moved to Colorado!

Yes, my Dear Daughter and family have moved to Colorado. That means my grandchildren are gone! Whaaaaaaa!

So, to comfort myself, I made this wall hanging-card thingy for her new vintage home - to help me let go.

To say that my daughter has the gift of hospitality is an understatement! Everywhere they go she makes new friends. She is fun. She is real. People love her. It's a wonderful aspect of her personality. And, it makes life easier and lots of fun for her husband and children - that she can pick up and go the way she does. Do you know she sold nearly every piece of furniture and moved a family of five in a 17 ft. U-Haul!

She was ecstatic to leave the desert climate! She is not a sun worshiper. She hated the heat of summer, so for the last two days she has been texting me short messages of how beautiful Utah and Colorado are. Oh yes, I thought the same when we drove thru the majestic mountains and incredible greenery.

Her husband works for Costco and is doing his very best to promote and get ahead. He has worked for C since he was 18, and he is 35 now. He is a " Company Man" and has big dreams to have a store of his own someday.

So, today they reached their new rental; the Little Red House, in Loveland, Co. Can you imagine living in a town called, Love-Land!

May The Lord Bless this sweet family and use them in ways they have never imagined.


I told Hubs I could leave my mountain home and go to Colorado. He also grieves their moving. But here we are, in our dream home. And could I sell everything? Oh, honestly, God would have to help me.

Our Son in Law told me the night before their trip, "I want my own store, and if it means we move to the Midwest, we will." We cannot follow them. It's not our path.

So, life changes again.

Blessings, Patti



  1. I would so miss my grandgirl if they moved away. At least you will have a lovely new area to visit. I haven't been to Colorado. Love the card hanging thingy you made for them.

  2. The plaque you made seems perfect for your daughter and son-in-law's new home. It is hard when children live far away. We are moving in 2 weeks and will be closer (2 1/2-4 hours away) to our 3 kids. We are hoping we will see our grandsons more often. I enjoyed seeing all of your outdoor've had a busy summer! Looks great!

  3. Oh I so understand, Patti! I still can't believe my son up and moved. Breaks my heart. Your daughter sounds like my DIL- very hospitable and made true and fast friends right away. My son also will probably always follow the job so no, we won't follow even though they hoped we would. I am SICK of moving!
    Well, your card thingy turned out very sweet and cute. Nice job. I will pray for you! ♥

  4. Aw, it must be hard for you them moving away. Hopefully you can go visit and they can come visit too! What a cute and sweet home tag you made! :) Blessing for you and the family! :) And extra hugs! xo Holly

  5. It sounds like you will need lots of visits. Virtual and physical visits. Perhaps you can skype or facetime them regularly. I would have to do that if my parents were far away. CO is such a beautiful state. Thinking of you and your daughter's precious family as they make these new transitions.

  6. one of my fears is that one of my children and their families would move away.... I dont think they ever will, but you just never know. I feel for you!! well, you can have vacations there and the grandkids can come spend weeks with you in the summer.. or at christmas. but in any case, congrats to them for making a move that can impact their future in positive ways!
    have a great day my friend!

  7. This happens so often with families, and is usually job related. We have moved 2 times for hubbies job. We do what we have to. I see lots of travel trips in your future to visit them....and maybe a permanent move when he realizes the dream of having his own store. :) Sweet hanging card Patti!

  8. It is so hard but they must follow their path and you must follow yours!

  9. I know you are dealing with a loss and a sadness. Can you both get Skype so you can video chat daily or weekly? I will add you to my prayer list. I found a couple of cute little dutch girl bells and thought of you when I found them. If you email me your address I would love to send them to you!
    Lynn from Life on the Wienee Ranch

  10. I always said I have three children because one would move far far away, one would marry someone who isn't interested in joining family functions, and had to have that third one that might stick around. I hope you get lots of opportunities to visit your children - there is always FaceTime. At least now there are many ways to keep up with their day to day happenings! I love the vintage hanging card thingy you made!!! it turned out very cute. BestWishes to your family

  11. I understand you missing them. I wanted to ask how you make some of the things you do? I love the card you sent to your daughter. Is it fabric or card stock on the back?


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