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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summertime Projects

We have been quite busy this summer making our new home more "homey". Hubs and I have been very busy!

At the beginning of the Summer break, Hubs finished up the planting beds.

They are filling in nicely.

A look through the back yard toward our neighbors house. Hubs put in a rose garden!

He built a small deck out of the reclaimed wood from our old home's swimming pool deck. We plan to build a roof over the top that shades the afternoon sun. We can sit here and watch the sunset!

The tub is packed full of volunteer blooms from last year. The bees and wasps love these flowers.

I didn't have to plant anything new here this year.

I painted this old dresser red and gave it a burlap curtain. It stores lots of gardening things.

I painted this old cupboard red, too. I put lots of blue and red enamelware here just for fun.

You can see the deck on the back side of the garage. Hubs plans to make a window box and shutters on this little window.

The pumpkin patch is growing! My dad and sister made this scarecrow for me years ago. I love it!

A rugged little corner near the side gate. Lots of rusty things to decorate with. The scooter belonged to our son, Matt. He's 30 now! The stansion came from the dairy farm my husband grew up on. I've been collecting rusty old saws to make something out of. I think we have about 20 now. And, our lone Mulberry tree that we have to move this winter. It's planted too close to the leach lines.

What's going on, you ask?

Hubs loves to play in the dirt!

Hubs moved our pool from our other house in the desert, where our daughter and family live, and put it up close to our existing deck. He added the new wood part. The best part is the wood was 75% off!

And we found these wedding cake steps on Craigslist for a song!

And, I painted our patio set red!

I sure do wish that you might stop over for a swim and an iced tea! It would be a lot more fun with you here!

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Smokey the Gopher says, "Stay tuned for more garden updates!"





  1. i would LOVE to come for ice tea and to dip my toes in the pool! All your hard work is paying off. It all looks great!

  2. Yes even me as well :-). Your garden looks beautiful and the red and blue painted furniture are absolutely gorgeous!! I can see a lot of hard work going on still.Thanks for sharing the pictures with us :-)

  3. love your gardens and decks. I wish my hubby would take up gardening and deck building! LOL! I think you should have a little teaparty and invite us all over for a swim! lol!
    have a great weekend

  4. Patti, it is all just fabulous! I would love to sit in your yard and just look around, enjoying all your gorgeous plants and decor. Your pool looks so inviting. I say hooray for handy and talented hubbys!

  5. Love your sweet home Patti! All your sweet touches are so lovely and fun! And, the red cupboard and dresser are so sweet! Wishing you a wonderful weekend! xo Heather

  6. Oh Patti!!!! Love where you live! Is that a barn with horses back behind you???? I would be adding trees to that perfect garden of yours....ADORE the tub! And don't you love volunteers???? Everything is so nice!!!!

  7. Your garden and pool look so beautiful and inviting. I can bet you have been enjoying it after all the hard work you have been putting into it. It all looks great!


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  9. I would love to visit too! Your garden and pool are a beautiful respite. I especially love that red dresser with the burlap curtain. What fun!

  10. How lovely!! Love all your pretty landscaping, flowers and garden, they are so pretty!! And that's a lot of work!! You've been so busy, love all your newly painted things, love the dresser for tools and such! So fun! And a pool....that looks lovely! We'll be right over I'll bring some lemonade too! :) xo Holly

  11. Wow that's a lot of work. The pool looks so inviting. Your garden is shaping up to be a wonderful and inviting spot. Love all the red! Angels to you. It was nice to catch up with your blog.


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