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Monday, June 3, 2013

A Tisket - A Tasket....

I love my sewing baskets!

It all began with this sewing basket that belonged to my grandmother.
She gave me every bit and bob of her sewing supplies when she passed away.
I love this rose covered basket.

The other baskets came from yard sales. 
I just love the little round basket.

I found this basket Saturday at our local swap meet - and the little round one, too. $3 for the pair!

Two more weeks of kinder-kids, and then I'm free for the summer. I have so many ideas on my list of creative fun things to do!

I'm joining the
Pink Saturday 
crowd of talented ladies
over at How Sweet the Sound.

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Mockingbird Hill Cottage for
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  1. Such a pretty collection of sewing baskets!! Enjoy the last couple weeks with your kiddos!! xo Heather

  2. Such a darling collection of sewing baskets. I have two in my craft room that I rescued at an estate sale. I can't sew, but they make lovely storage. Best wishes wrapping up your semester.

  3. What a very sweet collection to have! I really like them all, and love the one from your grandmother and the cute little round one too! Have a wonderful week! xo Holly

  4. I have one old basket handed down to me and I love it. I got it when I was a teenager, from my mom, and I used to keep all my cross stitching supplies in it. Since I'm a hoarder, I managed to buy every color of DMC floss available and they no longer fit in the basket, but I still keep old projects in it. You have a lovely collection Patti.


  5. Hi Patti, I love your sewing baskets. What a wonderful collection you have a the special treasure from your grandma. I'm your newest follower :).

  6. What a beautiful collections of sewing baskets. I have a thing for sewing boxes, the platic square ones like you had in home ec in the 1960's!


  7. Hi Patti, what a beautiful basket your grandmother has gifted you. Visiting your lovely place for the first time! Love your collections!! I'm a former KG Teacher:)

  8. I have my grandmother Zetta's sewing basket as well. I don't collect them, but I have so many fond memories tied up in that basket. Have fun now that school is out!

  9. Loved seeing all your sewing baskets. Been awhile since I saw one like that.

  10. You have a collection of sewing baskets now but I bet your Grandma's is your favorite.

  11. My goodness you do have a nice collection of sewing baskets there. sandie

  12. Hi Patti, so nice to meet you.I adore your collection of sewing baskets, my favorite is the one that your grandmother gave you, and I bet it is yours too!

    Thank you for sharing, for visiting me and taking the time to leave me a sweet note. I too had problems with the rabbits, until my dear husband fenced our garden, good luck with your gardening, there is nothing better than walking out the door and gathering fresh veggies. If you have any questions about canning, please feel free to ask me.

  13. That is a wonderful collection of sewing baskets! How great that you have all grandmother's sewing things too!


  14. I just passed a sewing basket by this morning in estate sale land. It was full of stuff and a decent price. After seeing your sweet collection am kicking myself for not grabbing it.

  15. Just love your sewing baskets! Bought my first one at a sale today....uh-oh, does that mean now I'm hooked? :) Pam

  16. AWESOME sewing baskets! Fun collection and the little one is darling!

  17. I've been looking for sewing baskets in thrift stores for a while, unfortunately haven't found one yet. Yours are lovely. Have a great week. Regula

  18. Hi Patti, followed you back after you left a nice comment on my blog :) I've been having a nice read back through your posts (and even some of your old blog!) and am now following. Love the sewing basket collection ... I picked one up a while ago in mint condition (although a bit faded on the cover), and keep wondering if I should try to fix it up with fresh paint and new fabric. Very handy though! Enjoy your weekend ;) Wendy

  19. These old sewing baskets remind me of my mother and grandmother, both are/were wonderful seamstresses and quilters. Your post made me smile!! Thanks

  20. I love sewing baskets too. Your look great. The one from your grandmother you will treasure always.

  21. I love sewing baskets! You have a lovely collection there and I can see why you love them so.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  22. My Mom had a pink sewing basket similar to these, I didn't like pink as a 28 year old when she passed so I threw it away! ( Gasp!) But I have one that is in primary colors that I still use to this all the space... Welcome to Blogspot! :)



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