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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Free Time!

Sweet Memories of Christmas Past!
I've seen these cute boxes that our very talented friends have made, and I reeeeeeally wanted a few of my own. On Christmas Eve day, the house was quiet, so I made some sweet boxes for our tree.

I found this sweet box on Pinterest, but I don't know where it originally came from. I printed it out and made 4 sweet boxes. Sooooo much fun.

Hello Santa! I sure do remember talking to Santa Clause on the big black phone at home. Do you remember talking to him. I remember that he knew our big dog, Brigette, and that I worked hard in school.

My father cut and painted a large sleigh with reindeer for our roof too. Oh, how I wish I had that now!

I had just a wee bit of vintage Christmas doo-dads to use, but I think they are cute.

Bye-bye Santa, till next year!



  1. Oh yes - I forgot about Santa calling. What great boxes - love this idea!!!

    Hope that you had a wonderful Christmas!


  2. Wonderful boxes!!!! I didn't get mine out this year from the swap in 2012...just too much with the puppy! I love your vintage!

  3. Love these! You did a great job!! Merry Christmas!

  4. Your Christmas box ornaments are wonderful. So many special little embellishments. I'm going to enjoy the Christmas decorations for awhile longer. It's always so bittersweet when Christmas is over. Happy New Year!

  5. Your ornament box shadow boxes are adorable! How did I miss that on Pinterest? I am still making some "belated" Christmas gifts...yikes ,
    Happy New's to more crafting in 2014,

  6. Very cute Patti. I made a bunch of these for my family and gave them out at Thanksgiving. Sounds like you've been having just too much fun with your school kids, but I bet you're ready for this holiday break. I'm hoping you had the best Christmas ever and that the New Year brings you even more joy.


  7. Very cute, Patti!
    Hmmm... I don't remember talking on the phone to Santa or even writing him. I only remember how heart broken I was when I "caught on". Probably because I didn't have a dad so Santa was a father figure to me.
    I know, I was a dramatic kid!

  8. Love your little box ornaments!! So cut! I am a friend of Brenda's at Cozy Little House and your newest follower!

    Happy New Year!


  9. Oh those are sooo cute and sweet!! I've been wanting to make some for a while too!!! I even already have one printed out! Lol.... I got mine from Kim over at Musing from Kim K. she scanned one of hers in to print out :) Love the sweet details on yours! I'm still enjoying my Christmas decorations. Hope you have a lovely weekend and a very Happy New Year!! xo Holly

  10. Hey Patti! I have been awol for a bit; had surgery on my elbow and had a cast from palm to arm pit. Now a splint which makes typing a bit crafting, no typing...I'm left to my classic movies! Your house is so adorable, I want to sit and have a cup of cocoa and a long chat! Happy New Year!

  11. Oh, these are absolutely adorable!! Never thought to print out the image of the boxes before I gave them away - duh! I also remember talking to Santa on a black phone - totally forgot about that till you mentioned it. Happy Holidays!

  12. Your blog is so delightful to look at! I love these Christmas boxes you made, and your dolls in the previous post are so pretty!
    Happy New Year,

  13. Oh My! I have fallen in love with your blog! Happy New Year new Friend! Love, Maggie/Maggie's Lil' Fixins I'm your new follower!

  14. Oh my, I have not seen those darling boxes. So, so cute Patti! Just love your vintage style!


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