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Saturday, March 1, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Swap!

Sweet Vivian of Viv's is hosting a SECRET Leprechaun Swap! I love this idea!!!

I just love her blog and the inspiration I find within her posts is LUCKY for me!

We aren't to divulge our swap partner, but we can reveal what we made for them. I had a good time making my lucky leprechaun! He can be a bluebird, can't he?

I used paper clay, styrofoam, and a toothpick to make my little bird. I think it was Viv who first taught us how to use this clay!

I let it dry for 2 days. Then, this morning I painted them Blue Jay blue.

I drew on the eyes with a mechanical pencil and painted them in. eyes aren't what they used to be! I had to close one eye to paint because I have mono- vision!

Then, I floated on some pink cheeks.

I drew my patterns on old mail! Then traced onto a favorite piece of scrapbook paper.

I glued them on with Tacky glue and embellished with St. Patrick's items.

The sweet girly blogger that I made this Lucky Charm for is sweet as pie!

I hope she likes it!

I also made a few ornaments for my holiday tree with my Cricut a few weeks ago.

And so, she will get a set, too.

I went to a church tag sale Friday after work and got a box of green ball ornaments! The ladies were laughing, wondering who would buy the bright green balls. They thought they looked more like St. Pat's than Christmas! Yep, they do, and perfect for my tree.

The little cones were cut from felt doilies from the dollar store. I am going to make a new garland, too.

Stay tuned!



  1. How sweet is that St. Patty's blue bird. He's absolutely darling! I wasn't going to decorate my sunroom tree, but gave in this weekend. It's covered with bits of green and whatever I could find in my craftroom that resembled St. Patrick's day decorations. Hugs!

  2. Said a prayer for the Mommie and her baby...hoping God did a miracle for her and the baby...
    Very darling St.Pattie's birdie :) I should put up a little "green" since my hubby is 1/2 Irish!

  3. Patti you are so talented. Your bluebirds are wonderful, and this little St. Paddy's bird is exceptionally cute! Love your ornaments too, and don't know what a cricut is but now think I need one, lol!

    What a fun swap...& Vivian is a sweetheart! Thanks for showing us.

  4. I will absoltely stay tuned cause you are just so fascinating with your terrrific projects. I love seeing how you did that adorable bluebird. Everything is so festive! Maggie/Maggie's Lil' Fixins

  5. So glad to see you here. I thought you'd stopped blogging. Your blue bird is adorable. Love the St Patrick's day tree and ornaments! So happy to see you at SYC! Have a blessed week!

  6. Oh I just love your sweet blue bird!!! It's the cutest!! And your St. Patty's day tree is so pretty, love all the pretty decorations! Happy Sunday! xo Holly

  7. Thank You for visiting Me and Your kind words on My post.Love Your Irish birdies and the clay You used to make them.I know She will love Them.I'm going to check to see if I'm following You-if not already-I will start.I do like Your blog and Your ideas are wonderful.Come back to visit Me any time ,Stay for as long as You like ,One visit or stay and follow ; ) Blessings Denise

  8. Im glad that you had fun creating for st pattys day! I only decorated my craft from for it and the rest of the house is Easter packed! such fun!!
    have a great weekend!


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