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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

We celebrate His birth.
And we celebrate our New Birth - in Him.
It is a day to celebrate!
Merry Christmas to all my dear blogging friends.
Hugs, Patti

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Christmas Kitchen Swap Was Fun!

Thank you Erica, for another very fun swap!

The minute I saw this darling gingerbread and gingham red swap invite, I knew I had to join!

I had the pleasure of swapping with Sweet Susie, from Little Susie Homemaker!

Boy, did she ever spoil me!

When hubs brought in this red polka-dotty box, I just knew there would be lots of fun inside!

Look at this flour sifter filled with treats! Susie painted it, I think. it is so cute! I love the wiggly eyed snowman! And, the recipe holder salt shaker is adorable! And of course the cookie cutter with the tiniest tree ever! Love it all!!!

So Cute!

Love the aqua blue color, and looks so cute in my kitchen! There is a sweet towel inside, candy and a cute cutter, too.


Perfectly fits in with my kitchen cuteness!

She also made this pretty white sparkly tree that sits on a Jello mold!

And some candy, and these cuties!

Thank you Susie, for an adorable swap! Everything looks so perfectly cute in my kitchen. It was fun getting to know you better, too! You are so Sweet!

I forgot to take pictures of what I made for Susie. Here are pics that she took and has on her blog.

I had a blast thrift hunting for kitcheny things to embellish.

Thank you again, Erica, for this fun swap!

And, to my new better friend, Susie!

Thank you, and Merry Christmas!


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Kitchen Cuteness

Santa and the Mrs. are happy in the kitchen now that they have their sweet tree up and decorated!

And, I had a wonderful time using some of my vintage kitchen items to make festive decorations.

My Grama's red spatula (hard as a rock) is the base of the tree. Sandy gave me the silver shiny reflector! Perfect to cover up the styrofoam ball.

I found this potato masher at the thrift store. I painted the handle red of course! The little deer and basket were there, too.

This red topped syrup dispenser makes a cute snow globe!

And, as usual, I forgot to take pictures of the cute kitchen inspired things I made for Susie (Homemaker), for the swap. I hope she takes some pictures, because I love the measuring spoon snowman I made her!

Have a wonderful week preparing for Christmastime!

Thank you for visiting me!

Blessings, Patti.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Pretty Fall Day

I planted a pumpkin patch this year for the grand kids. Then, they moved to Colorado.

Here they are stacked in an old wagon under the sign Hubs made out of fence boards. Welcome to Fall in the mountains.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I Miss My Grandchildren

Our sweet grandchildren moved to Colorado. I miss them.

They love the cooler weather, and they might get some snow!

Fall has arrived at our mountain home. Blessings abound, even though I am lonely for my children.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Spooky Craftroom!

My husband does not like Halloween. I know. I can hear some of you groaning. But, since he is so nice to me all year about all my decorating and DIY projects, I don't complain. I just do Fall, and then we are both happy.

This year I joined Sandy and Deb's Halloween Swap and I actually explored my Spooky Side! My partner was Linda from LBD Sews.

I had a great time making and finding spooky items for Linda, because I knew she loved Halloween!

I made this tag and found these vintage items.

I turned the cookie cutter right side up and made a 3D ornament.

The underside says, "boo"!

I wrapped everything up in this cute Halloween box!

And, off it went to Linda's house!

Too much fun!

Thank you Sandy and Deb, for hosting!


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall Swap Fun!

My swap box arrived at our P. O. several days ago, but I was only able to pick it up on Saturday. I felt like a child waiting for my surprise!
My partner was Linda, from LBP Sews. And, boy was I ever excited that talented Linda was my partner! The box was decorated with adorable stickers! So festive and so me!

I opened my box and right on top was this darling triangle banner/tag piece! I love these sweet little mice!

All tuckered out from a days gardening work!

So cute!

The box was filled with cute and colorful little packages!

Such fun to open each one!

I love this little bird!

Look at this sweet little cookie-cutter! The scarecrow is a picture of MY scarecrow in my garden! Linda!!!! What a sweet idea, to use the scarecrow my dad and sister made! I love it so much!

Lots of sweetness! Crafty supplies, scarecrows, even a sweet yellow hanky!

These sweet treats are so me!

I am not a candy eater, but wouldn't you know, I love, love, love these orange sugary gummy pumpkins. Even my husband said, "how did she know?"

Thank you so much Linda for my sweet box brimming with Fall Cheer. I hope you like the Halloween box I sent. I had fun letting my "spooky side" out!

And thank you to Sandy and Deb for hosting this fun cookie cutter swap!

Halloween Swap

I love my blogging friends!