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Sunday, February 22, 2015

A New Puppy to Love

Last Friday I took my kinder-kids to the County Fair on a field trip. While walking with my coworker - 2nd grade teacher and good friend, we saw a large enclosure with dogs for adoption! Since my friend is a true dog lover (classroom theme is DOGS for Depend on God) I knew she would love to take a look at them!

I felt somehow drawn to go inside - almost supernaturally. I turned a corner and saw her! The sweetest little dog licking the fingers of a little girl through the wire of her kennel.

When the young family walked away I asked the kennel helper if they had purchased this dog. He said "no" and I surprised myself when I said, "I would like to adopt her!"

I think he was surprised, too. He offered to take her out of her kennel and let me walk with her in a little enclosure. We went inside, my dog-loving friend and I, and it was absolute love.

While filling out the paperwork I realized, I better talk this over with Hubs! I called him and the conversation went something like this...

"Hi Honey, I'm at the Fair."

"Yep, I know. What's up?"

"I just have to tell you I adopted a dog." Just to keep myself off the hook that I didn't tell him! I hadn't paid yet, so I figured I could back out if I had to. Lol!

"Uhhhhhh, o-kaaaaay?" It wasn't exactly an approving OK.

"She is so cute! She is exactly what I hoped for! I neeeeeeed a dog! I've been telling you how much I miss McKenzie!"

And, of course he agreed. He was hesitant, I admit. But, I knew it was right. He met me outside the fairgrounds and drove me to my school so I didn't have to take my new dog on the school bus. Of course, he fell in love, too.

We named her Molly. Molly McKenzie.

See the little toy puppy in her bed? That was McKenzie's "baby" that she carried everywhere. She looks like Molly!

Molly is a wonderful little dog. She is about a year old. The shelter spayed her and they chipped her, too. She was $20, and you know, hubs handed me that $20 dollar bill that morning and said, buy something fun at the fair!

Well, I sure did, didn't I!

Our Dear McKenzie Rose

I sort of feel like McKenzie would be happy for me. We miss her so much.


Thank you, Lord, for our sweet pets.

I know you saw me at the Fair.

Perhaps you drew me in, and directed my path to this sweet little Molly.

I do feel You led me.

Thank you.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Love Is In The Air!

I wish I could show a few pictures of my kinder- kids this week. We have had lots of fun making fun artsy-math projects to celebrate the 100th day of school.

They loved stringing 100 fruit loops onto a string of yarn by 10's.
And, making goofy penguins for the science fair.
And tons of silly Valentine guys.
A sweet Valentine from my Dutch Sweetheart.
I bid on a box lot of furniture for my dollhouse and won!
It will be fun to fix this cute little house up.

I wish you could really come over and visit. So, I thank you for spending time with me!

Happy Valentines Day!


Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Red Box

Debbie Kay was my swap partner for the Valentine swap hosted by Vivian. My heart was already thumping when I pulled out this red box. I adore red!

I called hubs over to watch me lift the lid so he wouldn't wonder what was happening when he heard me screaming!

Polka dots!

Inside were many little packages tied up with ribbon and stickers and string. Soooooooo much fun to open!

Debbie Kay is soooo sweet! It must be her love for The Lord just pouring out of her.

I swooned over this adorable folksy apron! Looooooove it!

And this sweet bluebird hankie. You know this will stay out all year!

It's my first Valentine's Day hanky!

Soooooo much LOVE poured out for me! Thank you Debbie Kay!

Thank you Debbie Kay for the delightful box of treasures. It's like you have known me forever!

And, thank you to each of my sweet blogging friends. You are dear to me.

Happy Valentines Day Week to you all!