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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Love Is In The Air

I just have to share some cute and loving things I heard this week in kindergarten!

Conner said, "Mrs. S., I love you so much, tonight I'm going to write you a love note!"

While we made paper snowmen for our bulletin board, one child said, "I'm going to put my snowman's hands up so he can praise Jesus!"

A little boy said while praying, "thank you for our loving school and for giving us faith in You. Help us to do our best work today."

A 4th grade girl came to my classroom and said she had a present for me. A little box with cherry earrings inside, "because you love cherries, Mrs. S." She's right, I do!

Working in a Christian school is a sweet blessing that I can hardly express in words. No, it's not money. Or, a retirement plan. And, sometimes fear for the future does set in. But, it's being surrounded by something I do HOPE in.

This month, as you think of True Love, would you be willing to put a little goodie bag together for a teacher you know? Teachers give so much love away! I believe they would appreciate it!

Maybe even a donation to a local Christian school?

As a kinder teacher, a goodie bag with valentine supplies and maybe a Starbucks card, would be greatly appreciated. I know! It happened to me!
May your week be blessed!


Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy Making Valentines!

I have spent some time in my craftroom making a few new valentines. It's fun to bring out my doo-dads and create something cute.

You see these pink roses? They were given to me by a kinder kid one year. There were 100 little roses glued to her 100th Day Hat! She said, "You can have my hat! I know you think it is so cute, Mrs. S." she was right! I did!

It's fun to remember the gals that gifted me such cuteness.

Little gifts are everywhere around my home, and this little one too.

Thank you sweet friends!