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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rock a Bye Baby


I found this little dolly swing at the thrift store.

I painted it Cowboy Pink.

And, Tiny Thumbelina fits perfectly!

She is still as cute as ever!

Did you have a favorite doll baby when you were little?


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter! Our Lord is Alive!

Happy Easter Everyone!


He is Risen!

And, alive in our hearts!

Enjoy your family and friends on this most wonderful day!


The Easter Bunny Arrived Early!

Look what the Easter Bunny left at the Post Office for me!

A surprise from a dear and sweet bloggy-friend! You all know who this sweetie is, but she wishes to remain nameless. She is such a sweety...sweet face, sweet blog, sweet creations, sweet home....

Oh my, I was just thrilled to get this sweet little Lamby! Doesn't he look like a little baby! My other lambs were curious about the Lamby sign.

This sweet bloggy-friend must have read the post that said I hoped to find some vintage flowers, because this little Lamby comes with her own parade making flowers! And a sweet red dotty mushroom, too!

But he is a frisky little thing! He hopped right over to the Hoosier to nibble the roses!

Thank you Sweet Blogging Friend! I feel very blessed!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

So Much Cuteness!

I Love Spring! The sweet colors and celebration of New Life abounds.

Some day, I'll make a little Easter parade like several of you have done. I need to collect pretty little vintage flowers first.

I enjoy using my vintage sewing boxes as display baskets. There are sweet treasures from friends tucked in this basket.

Carol gave me the crocheted trivet. It came from her husbands family farm. She said it is very old. Robin made the sweet trading card.

My sister-in-law, Carlene, gifted me with this absolutely gorgeous table topper for my birthday. It is smaller than a tablecloth. The colors are stunning!

Easter and RED? Well, how can I keep red out of my house? It's impossible!

Just fun.

More playing.

I sent Sandy her box for the cloche swap, but I forgot to take pictures. These are from her blog.

I made a hanging cloche. The butterfly is a handmade bead.

And, I made her a little tag and a bluebird, too. I adore Sandy!


Easter is a special time for me. It is deep inside of me. I rarely decorate in a way that reflects my faith. It is almost too precious for me to express.

May this week bring blessings to you.

May you Believe.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Who is Joseph?

Found this ugly planter box thing at the thrift store and loved its shape.

It had been spray painted a screaming yellow color. But what shocked me was the stenciled name. "Joseph" on one side.

Was it an Easter basket! A first name, or last name?

Well, out came the "Cowgirl Pink" paint and more Washi tape. I stuck on a die cut, and waa-la!

A perfect place for my Hazel dishes.

My home has lots of windows. Perfect, because we have a very pretty view. Since I don't have many upper cabinets I like to put our dishes out on the counter. Scio's Hazel is a pottery that was made in the 1950's. I remember my next door neighbor had these when I was a little girl. I loved them even then. They are so bright and cheery!

So, for the Easter season these pretty dishes are out. I found this cute glass at the swap meet. There was a gal there selling literally 100's of dishes. I came home with this glass and 8 etched drinking glasses. To make my day they were 25 cents each!

I made these bunnies when our children were little. I still love them! Time sure flies!


Many of you know, I teach kindergarten. It is such a joy for me to teach these precious little ones. Well, this just cheered me up big time today....I have been in a lot of meetings this week serving on a committee to choose a new 1st grade teacher. When I returned to my classroom the children were lining up outside. Many of them rushed out of their place in line to hug me and say sweet things. Warmed my heart. Where else can you work that you are told everyday you are loved, the best, and pretty, too! I recommend teaching, of course!


Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

My sweet friend, Polly, gave me these pokey fork things for my birthday! I think they are for fondue. Can you believe she and her husband collect them! She said they have over 100 of them!

Well, one day she had one of these pokers at work and was eating little chunks of cheese and chicken, cherrytomatoes and zucchini pieces, and dipping them into a dressing. How smart is that!

She looked so elegant, like a movie star in the 50's! Lol!

I was poking my fingers into a little Baggie of baby carrots, not quite as elegant.

So, I commented that I was going to look for my own little pokey fork, but Polly surprised me with a set of my own. Of course, I had to paint them and add a bit of Washi tape, too. Don't you love the colored button ends!

Thank you sweet Polly!


Saturday, April 5, 2014

All The Way From 521 Lakestreet

Oh Dear Sandy, this is just the cutest little cloche! It has so many elements that I just love!

The little flowers are such a favorite, and the tiny little chick is just so sweet!
I LOVE the bluebird tag! The little pink butterfly is a surprise!
But, the ceramic chick is my favorite.
Soooooooo tiny and sweet!

And, Sandy also sent a set of Spring plates and napkins.

And a huge sucker!

And, look at this....

A wee bit of Mary Engelbreit!

I love these sweet notecards, perfect to a "P"!

Thank you so much Sandy for choosing me for your swap!

I just love everything you sent!