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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Is It A Dinosaur?

This amazing sculpture is along one of the highways we drive when we are headed to the Big City to go thrifting, or hit Hobby Lobby! Isn't it wonderful! Grrrrrr! Love the teeth!

And, this dresser is a dinosaur, too. I found it at a local yard sale and fell in love with the soft, vintage green color, and all it's chippy-ness. The lady I bought it from said it was from the 20's, but I don't know.

The veneer on the top was quite ruined and partly ripped off, but the scroll work was too chippy-charming.

I could see under the chippy bluish-green that it was once yellow.

I decided to tuck rose print paper under the torn veneer. Then, I mixed up some paint to sort of match and dry-brushed the wood areas a bit, but not too much. It was missing a few knobs, but I had the round brass knobs in my stash. Again, Hubs said, "it's a good thing you never throw anything away!"

And here she is with more vintage-thrifty treasures.

Shabby-chippy for sure!


School is out for me and I am finding a million things to do! We've been working in the yard like crazy. I've been scrubbing and cleaning the house - because it is soooo neglected during the school year. I've spray painted all the patio furniture and repainted two old pieces Barn Red. I've planted a zillion seeds - better late, than never. And, Hubs is building something wonderful for me! Hurrah for the handyman!

Good-bye to this....

Stay tuned!