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Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

My sweet friend, Polly, gave me these pokey fork things for my birthday! I think they are for fondue. Can you believe she and her husband collect them! She said they have over 100 of them!

Well, one day she had one of these pokers at work and was eating little chunks of cheese and chicken, cherrytomatoes and zucchini pieces, and dipping them into a dressing. How smart is that!

She looked so elegant, like a movie star in the 50's! Lol!

I was poking my fingers into a little Baggie of baby carrots, not quite as elegant.

So, I commented that I was going to look for my own little pokey fork, but Polly surprised me with a set of my own. Of course, I had to paint them and add a bit of Washi tape, too. Don't you love the colored button ends!

Thank you sweet Polly!



  1. Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

  2. Wishing you loads of birthday blessings! Enjoy your elegant forks! Love how you glammed them up!

  3. HAPPY
    I love how you made them Fun & cute!!!
    I hope you had the Best Birthday!!!

  4. Happy Birthday! Those forks are too cute :)

  5. What a fun gift and your paint and washi tape made them super cute!

  6. Patti,

    Happy Birthday! It is my son's 30th tomorrow....These are so cute! I can't tell you how many of these I see at thrift stores...I will have to rethink them! :)

  7. Happy sweet Birthday to you Patti!!! Hope you had a wonderful day!!! :) :)
    What a sweet gift from your friend, love how you made them adorable!! :) Have a wonderful rest of the week!! xo Holly

  8. Happy Birthday Patti!! Love your sweet picks!! Hope your day was extra special and blessed! xo Heather

  9. So cute! Love how you altered them. Yup, those colored buttons so when everyone is cooking their food in the fondue pot, they know which fork is theirs. We still have a fondue restaurant that takes about 2-3 hours to serve up all the fondue courses, lol. So...Happy Belated Birthday Patti! Hope it was wonderful. Mine was a short while ago and my hubby's is today....yay for the Aries folk! :)


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