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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rock a Bye Baby


I found this little dolly swing at the thrift store.

I painted it Cowboy Pink.

And, Tiny Thumbelina fits perfectly!

She is still as cute as ever!

Did you have a favorite doll baby when you were little?



  1. A dolly swing! How sweet!
    I hardly played with dolls.
    I was a Tomboy. :)

  2. Absolutely precious. What a fun rescue. I have some of my childhood baby dolls in my craft room. They are well loved.

  3. Soooo cute! What a lucky find, especially for a thrift store. Love the pink and she fits perfectly. I had an old porcelain head doll with a rubber body and carried her around so much we had to send her away to have the body replaced. Of course, she started as a "hand me down". Have no idea what she was called, but I loved her so! :)

  4. That is so cute! I have never seen a doll swing. My favorite doll was names Lorri Walker. She was a 36" walking doll and could wear size 2 clothes. I still have her!!



  5. Nice find! I love the color you painted it. My favorite dolls were Liddle Kiddles. They were only 3" tall. <3

  6. Oh, its adorable!! Love the seat and you doll is precious! I had my Teddy and Cabbage Patch doll as a kid. ;) Have a blessed week! xo Heather

  7. I had a Thumbilina....I remember her so well...I didn't really like her as a kid because I thought she looked funny! Now I would love to have her back!
    That swing is so cute!!!!

  8. The swing is perfect for your doll. So sweet!

    xo Danielle

  9. That swing is adorable!! And so cute for your little doll! :) xo Holly

  10. Your swing and baby doll are adorable. My favorite doll was Mrs. Beasley. I wore her out now I have a reproduction and love her just the same. Hope you are having a great week?

  11. This is the cutest mini swing ever! And to paint it pink it just fits!
    I have always wanted to have a little doll house, but I do have a mouse box and my littlest grandson is playing with it now.
    Your a very talented and creative lady.

  12. Hello there! Well I guess I'm your newest follower AGAIN! LOL I don't know what happened because I know I was following you, and then I came here tonight and realized that I haven't seen any of your most recent posts. Blogger can be so weird! Anyway....I love your baby swing! Such a sweet way to show your doll! This summer I came across the same doll as the one I had when I was little, in an antique store. I was so excited because up until then she was just a memory! Now I have her again!
    So happy to be following you again.
    Erica :)

  13. She is adorable! I have a cabbage doll...remember them? That I saved from my childhood


  14. O sol é para as flores o que os sorrisos são para a humanidade.(Joseph Addison)
    Obrigada querida, pela visita carinhosa!
    Um doce abraço, Marie.

  15. Just catching up on your blog! loved your easter posts and all your sweet easter decorations.. and the sweet lambies that some sweet blogger sent you! Arent we a blessed little community? Im not sure why your posts havent been popping up on my side bar... I have to check into that!
    As for dolls.. I had many! all sorts of baby dolls, betsy wetsy, thumbalina, and some big babies.. no clue who they were! lol! but mostly, I was a barbie doll girl.. and little kiddles. I spent hours on hours playing with my barbies. One year for christmas my parents gave several pieces of floor tiles and press on rug squares to use in my makeshift barbie houses that I built out of cardboard boxes! lol! anyways... Have a great day Patti!

  16. wow! so nice dolly swing. All great suggestions for moms! Great review- I wish they had these when my kids were little! How much weight will it take.Thanks for sharing!


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