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Sunday, April 13, 2014

So Much Cuteness!

I Love Spring! The sweet colors and celebration of New Life abounds.

Some day, I'll make a little Easter parade like several of you have done. I need to collect pretty little vintage flowers first.

I enjoy using my vintage sewing boxes as display baskets. There are sweet treasures from friends tucked in this basket.

Carol gave me the crocheted trivet. It came from her husbands family farm. She said it is very old. Robin made the sweet trading card.

My sister-in-law, Carlene, gifted me with this absolutely gorgeous table topper for my birthday. It is smaller than a tablecloth. The colors are stunning!

Easter and RED? Well, how can I keep red out of my house? It's impossible!

Just fun.

More playing.

I sent Sandy her box for the cloche swap, but I forgot to take pictures. These are from her blog.

I made a hanging cloche. The butterfly is a handmade bead.

And, I made her a little tag and a bluebird, too. I adore Sandy!


Easter is a special time for me. It is deep inside of me. I rarely decorate in a way that reflects my faith. It is almost too precious for me to express.

May this week bring blessings to you.

May you Believe.



  1. I LOVE Easter!!! HE IS RISEN!!! Your little lamb collection is just too cute! Very sweet Easter cloche you made for Sandy! and I'm sure she loves the bluebird!!! Very fun to use a sewing basket for Easter. You are so creative!

  2. Oh well done you!!! I know Sandy will treasure that bluebird, especially since it's handmade. Everything looks so pretty and spring(y)!

    Hugs, and many blessings for Easter.

  3. Such sweet things around!! I love the way you decorate! Little treasures are popping out everywhere!! Sooo cute!! I hope to have an Easter parade sometime too! :) Wishing you a lovely and blessed Easter! xo Holly

  4. Love your sweet collections and how you are using sewing baskets and bowls for displaying everything. The children's books tucked into the bowls are a lovely touch. Sweet Easter Blessings!

  5. Oh the colors!!!! I love the colors of spring, all the pastel blues, pinks, greens and yellows! Love all your little vignettes!

    Happy Easter!


  6. Hi Patti, I'm back for a second look! :) Visited on my phone last night, but I'm not good a typing comments there. Love this post, such beautiful pastel eye candy....oh my! How sweet are your lambs and your Easter décor. Love the Pyrex bowls full of goodness. Your bluebirds are fabulous. Do you sell them?

    FYI, In case your table topper does not have a tag, it is a Wilendur, designed in 1953, and the pattern is called Royal Rose. I treasure mine!

  7. Ooo! You have lots of lambies! I have 2 now. :)

  8. Beautiful, beautiful decorations, Patti!

  9. OH my what beautiful treasures you have. The photos look like they could be used in a magazine.... darling!

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