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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hubs Has A Green Thumb!

We've been busy! We are beginner gardeners. We are learning as we go. I bought lots of seeds at the dollar store. .25 cents a pack. A good deal, if they actually grow.

So far, the radishes, lettuce, and spinach are growing, oh and a few beets, too. Oh, and the tomatoes. Beans and peas are almost ready to pop up. I think we are way to late on planting. It was blazing hot today! Probably 100 degrees! I don't even want to think what the desert must have been!

Last years flower bed came back in crowded! Is it too hot to divide some of the plants and put them somewhere else in the yard?

Lots of new planting going on! Hubs built 4 more raised beds, measuring 10 x 4. He also put in a rose garden! Thank you Sweet Man! It's not finished yet, but I am so excited. Every plant has a chicken wire basket buried with it in case the gophers come into this fenced in area. Every planting box has wire, too.

We've got the gardening bug. Maybe it's because we've been watching lots of English gardening shows on YouTube!

Stay tuned for gardening updates! I've got lots of cute things to show you!

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Thank you so much for the kind and thoughtful comments so many of you sent my way about McKenzie. I'm still crying a lot, and missing her so much. It's very comforting to know I am not alone. Thank you.



  1. It seems that raised beds are the way to go these days! Yours look great. I may have to give it go next year... or not.. Every time I go outside I become a meal for stinking misquitos! LOL! But really it would be a good project for Tony and I to do together. Have a great week my friend!

  2. Love your garden. My hubby did raised containers this year. Definitely easier to weed. We have voles that eat the roots and rabbits that eat the veggies, lol, guess depends on where we live. Oh, and a few fat groundhogs.

    I bought some dollar store wild flowers, hoping mine grow too.

    Still sending hugs for your heart breaking loss of sweet McKenzie.

  3. Best wishes with your garden. It has the makings for several fabulous crops! Love all the raised beds. So very exciting. I'm hopeful things will happen in our garden this year, but I'm worried that the groundhog, rabbits and deer will figure out how to break into our Fort Knox garden. Fingers crossed.

  4. Your gardens are looking beautiful!! I can't wait to see what you have in store to show us!!! :) A rose garden sounds just gorgeous!! We still haven't planted our garden yet.... we are hoping to get it in very soon! We will have to plant already started plants though. xo Holly

  5. I can't help you at all on flowers...No green thumb here! you are so smart to try to keep the gophers out. Good luck on all of your veges!


  6. I am sure your garden will be beautiful and plentiful!! I look forward to having a garden one day! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather

  7. Wow, you are really off to a great start. Looking lovely! I buy seeds at the dollar store and have had great luck with them. I tell you, I am drooling over that jadite batter bowl! Went to an estate sale because it looked like they had one in one of their photos. Hurried into the kitchen. It wasn't jadite, but it was that sweet vintage green color and made by Bauer. I think that's how it's spelled. I had to pay $35 for it, but I love it. Now, wouldn't stop me from buying a jadite one if I ran across it. lol!


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