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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter!

Zoey's Mom made these cute EB cupcakes for the Kinder-Kids.
I took them out to pick-up time and handed them to mommys.
It was a 1/2 day and I just couldn't see my kiddos eating cupcakes before lunch.

Earlier in the week we made Resurrection eggs in kinder so that we could go home and retell the Easter story to our families.

Mason's mom came to school on Friday morning and broke into tears. She was overwhelmed with JOY that her little boy could tell the Easter story with clarity and understanding.

I am filled with JOY, too, that I have the opportunity to share the Greatest Rescue Story of all time with my kinder kids. Jesus is very real to my kids. They get it. God loves His children and wants us to know Him and love Him. We need to tell others this Great News. He is ALIVE!


Thank you for peeking in! I hope your Easter Celebration is wonderful!



  1. WOW, it is something that these little ones "get it" about Jesus. Another sweet treat from that sweet mom.
    Easter Blessings, Patti!

  2. One of the great things about christian schools! Freedom to share Gods love. you are very lucky. I often tell the boys I work with that Im going to have to pray for them! there is usually no response. but thats fine.
    Have a lovely day my friend!

  3. Such sweet cupcakes. You sure have Mom's who appreciate you and show it by their gestures. That must feel good! Thanks for sharing your story of the Easter telling by that little boy, warms the heart.

    Have a blessed Easter Patti!

  4. What darling cupcakes, my friend! May you have a beautiful and blessed Easter! What a joy to serve a RISEN and LIVING Savior! Hugs!

  5. Sounds like a beautiful day with the Kinder Kids!

  6. How lucky are these kids to have a teacher like you? I think it's wonderful that you teach them about Jesus. In our neighborhood a family set up an Easter walk where we took some of our grands. It helped them to learn and the visual was wonderful.

  7. What beautiful Easter treats! I'm getting caught up on my favorite blogs after being in FL. Hugs!

  8. I love Easter parties and it’s a great day celebrate it with your friends and family. On this Easter, I planned a small party at one of venues in Chicago. Turned out to be a great party and all had so much fun.


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